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Spam-The Most Known Word in Internet


I believe that every internet user ever read about this four letters word...S.P.A.M.

Yes,i myself always seen this word in every affiliate website i visited. Spam is a universal word, but if you ask someone what the definition of spam is, they will not be able to give you a good answer.
On the other hand if you show them an unrecognized email in your inbox, they will recognize it for sure :)

Spam comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some examples of spam include crappy blog comments (i used to have it in my wordpress blog), automated blog comments, crappy website submissions, keyword stuffing on websites, nonsensical content in article, emails containing sexual product and bla..bla..bla.
The point is,SPAM is everywhere !!

But have you ever thinking about where does it come from? Or may be you ever heard people saying: Ok, I am going to work now, I will be spamming the web world today :)

I bet you don't ^_^

The truth is, spam is a result of anything which is done on the internet so as to deliberately cheat on other internet user to make a quick buck.

It means that spam isn't something that unintentionally happen, it is created by those who deliberately trying to play game with the system.
Those who don't know how to advertising usually do this, with hope that they will get rich quick...but the reality is...boom...they will get their account suspended or web site black listed :)

Choose a clean and honest way to promote your product or affiliation.

SPAM is dangerous...so stay away from it.


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