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InovaBux Under DDoS Attack

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A few days ago, as usual i try to login to InovaBux to do my 'clicking' job (don't miss spelled it..). But it has been always failing until today, i was wondering about why does this happened to InovaBux.
I am a new member in this PTC, but i read in some reviews that this one is a potential PTC.
But since i can't login to my account, i become wondering whether this PTC has turning into another scam PTC or what?

So, today i try to visit the InovaBux forum, luckily its forum is hosted separatedly from the PTC site and i found this announcement made by the InnovaBux Forum admin...

Just informing you that we have received a mail from someone claiming Inovabux is using his/her script and we will be sued.

We take seriously this type of issues and we don't like when somebody make false accusations. We would love to see how he/she can certify under penalty of perjury that all information provided is accurate, when we have all the proof that the code is our own.

We are ready to respond any legal issues ! Next time if we receive this kind of accusations again we will take further action against him/her.
We strongly recommend to be ready to receive the punishment for such acts.

May be this forum is also their script, huh?

Another thing: Now we can confirm that after that accusations Inovabux was under numerous massive attacks. What a coincidence !?

We will keep you informed.


Here goes the true story.
This accusations if nothing more than a lie story to get money from "bux" owners.
We will explain why:
First of all that guy is accepting he is the one attacking the sites. Which is illegal !

" Dos attacks are considered violations of the IAB's Internet proper use policy, and also violate the acceptable use policies of virtually all Internet Service Providers. They also commonly constitute violations of the laws of individual nations"

Now tell me, person violating laws will sue someone based on lie with no prove?
Nothing more than a story to get money. We admire this person's passion for stuff he does, way he gets money, but there are limits even for lie stories.

He says neobux is not his script.
Of course it's not. neobux was born long before his scripts really look identical. So better you tell me HE have stolen neobux script or all other ptc's have stolen his script?

Some ptc's paid that person do get rid of DDOS attacks. So if he decides to get more money tomorrow, what's going to happen ? Again DDOS attacks and again bux owners will pay him ?

Inovabux will not give a single penny because that money are yours !
We are ready to answer ANY legal accusations.
Any time that person decides to sue Inovabux - we are here and ready to win the case !

The bad part is that you, members, got affected as well. Paying him and stopping DDOS attacks for now is not a solution ! it will be temporarily and wrong solution.

If any other bux admin or owner reads this - you are welcome to join us because we are ready to solve this mess legally. No hosting will be suspended after proving this is nothing more than a way to get personal benefit backing up on a lie.

We are here and ready to go into the action. not stupid chit chat.
Source: InovaBux Forum

Wow..can you believe that? Some one has been accusing InovaBux for using his script, and what make it more interesting is InovaBux isn't the only PTC he attacked. But there's also another PTC and it might including SvBux also, because lately i realize that 1 or 2 day before the login trouble in InovaBux, it happened that i can't login into SvBux also.

But i'm not sure about that, may be i'll search for it tomorrow, eventhough it's a lil bit too late i guess :). Oh, yeah...one more thing i should searching for is DDOS attack (what the hell is that actually..?!)

Hmmh..i hope InovaBux can deal with this problem, so i could continue my clicking job there...


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