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Upbux Turning Into Scam?

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Oh my..what i've been worried along last week is come to reality today.
After many time down because upgrading their site, and got a limitation on their PayPal account for last few days. Today upbux admin announced something that gonna dissapointing all its member.

Omnibux Back To Normal


Omnibux is return to online now...Yesterday night i check my email and see a letter from omnibux admin, this is what they told me:

Scam Alert For Omnibux

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Have anybody have the same problem as mine in Omnibux.com?
Yesterday after i login to my account and trying to surf the ads, all of sudden come an alert that said "Your account has been suspended code 1".
What was that mean?
I never even think about cheating on them, so what makes my account being suspended then?

Enbux Turn Into Scam

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Anybody knows where the hell is Enbux.com right now?
It's been i don't know how many days since this site put that announcement that they're upgrading the site. But till today i still can't access the site.
It seems like i will add this PTC into another list of scam site. I'm so dissapointed for this, i thought with that good layout they have, the site will last long enough in the PTC world.

I've Lost My Balance in YouPtc

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Good Morning Indonesia...
Today i recheck my account in YouPtc, after unpleasant moment with this PTC before I had gone to bed last night :)
And what i found delighting me a little bit...
About a half hour ago, i logged in to my account in YouPtc and find no more error message like i found last night. If you want to know what kind of error i met with last night you could see it in here.
But unfortunately, smile on my face didn't last long enough for today..
After loged in, i go to my account to check my balance...and what am worried about came true.

I saw that there is reduction in amount of my balance, I was sure that the last time i checked on my balance, the number is $ 1.7 ...i don't remember the exact number. But what i have now is only $ 0.71, where is the $ 1 had been going?