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What is HYIP?

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What is HYIP...?
HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is an invesment program which will give you a high yield (profit) in return. Profit will be given differently in each HYIP site, it's depend on the site's owner (Mr.Admin). It can be daily profit, weekly profit, or monthly profit; and after your investment period is over, your money will be fully return including the profit ofcourse.
To get profit from HYIP, all you have to do is PRAY (^_^), choose the right HYIP to invest, deposit your fund, and wait for your profit payment.
Because of this simple and easy method, many peoples interested to investing their money in HYIP. But after all equal to it's profit given, HYIP is also a high risk investment type and very potential to become SCAM.

How HYIP gain profit to share with?
You must be curious about what will HYIP do with your money, this question is also across my mind recently. HYIP is using their investor money in many things, usually you can find the details inside the site. But usually HYIP invest their money in FOREX (Foreign Exchange) trading, or investing in some country's leading industry.
Then all the income generated from this investment is distributed to shareholders (investor) daily, weekly or monthly depend of your invesment type.

How to choose HYIP?
It's the hard part...But i use below points as a consideration to choose a HYIP:
1. How old is the HYIP.
2. Expired date of the host and domain used by the HYIP, the longer it is, better for us. Never invest your money if your end investment period longer than the host/domain expired date.
3. Choose HYIP with hacker protection (SSL or DDoS protection), it's a high risk business, so if the owner is serious in doing this business, (s)he must protect his/her site from the hacker.
4. Has a live support and contact details, isn't it better if we know our partner background?
5. You may add your tips here...based on your experience :)

Tips to play in HYIP
I conclude this tips from many HYIP observer sites...
1. PRAY, let GOD protect your investment :)
2. ONLY SPEND WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE - it's the Golden Rule :)
3. Don't put all the eggs in the same basket. As i said above, this is a high risk invesment and has a great opportunity to become scam. If you put all your money in one place, and suddenly it scammed you...you might end up in insane asylum :)
4. Play safety, withdraw your profit as soon as possible. After you get all your investment return (Break Event Point), you can reinvest the profit so you have to worry no more :)

Now the decision is in your hand...
Are you READY to get HYIP?

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