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Earn Bucks With - Acme People Search

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YOU must've heard about Acme People Search (APS) on the internet...
Not yet?? Then YOU were lucky to come here, because i'll introduce to YOU one of the true money maker on internet invented by Tissa Godavitarne.
Yes, YOU can earn bucks by having People Search Engine of YOUR own. But first i'll show YOU what Acme People Search engine looks like, YOU can see it here or here.

Now YOU've seen the People Search Engine and how it works...
But the question is, how could i earn bucks by having one of those Acme People Search engine?

This is how it could works:
1. More than 30 % of all searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN are "People Search" related and growing. By having YOUR own, fully automated people finder service allows YOU to profit from this exploding niche by giving people the results they're looking for.

2. After YOU completed all the 3 Steps in APS back office member, the APS will advertise YOUR people search engine so that it appears in the search results of Google, Yahoo and MSN with no cost a.k.a FREE :)

3. What makes it great is there are 8 different bucks maker fused into one program, it is coming from Click Bank, HD Publishing, MyLife, Ad Sense, GDI, HostGator, GVO, Referrals.
Tissa Godavitarne has created one Bucks Maker Machine that easy to use for everyone (if an internet newbie like me understand how to use it...then i guess, everyone does) but also make YOU as the owner earn much more.
Let's take a look at the APS's picture below...(click on the image to larger the view)

1. Do you see the highlighted part in no.1? That's the name of this People Search, but the good news is your people search engine will be branded with its own name...may be you want to change it with something like "YOURName-People-Search". Interesting right?

2. ClickBank will pay YOU up to $30.40 evertime someone uses this links to order search results.

3. Reunion (MyLife) will pay YOU a commission simply for referring leads PLUS 25% of all resulting sales.

4.  YOU will earn up to $30 for everyone join through your referral link. If YOUR referral maintains Step 1 for at least 30 days, YOU will be paid $5. If YOUR referral  maintains Step 2 for at least 45 days, YOU will get $10. And if that referral maintains Step 3 for at least 65 days, YOU will get another $15. So that's up to $30 per referral you will get.


5. By having YOUR own people search engine, you'll be able to offer access to billions of current addresses and phone numbers, so YOU can also profit from the huge demand for people searches.
With access to billions of public records, YOUR people search engine reassures visitors that it's the real deal-compelling them to BUY-and earning YOU commisions.

6. YOU earn commisions by giving away FREE people search results. This FREE results give YOU a leg up on the competition and make it the whole lot easier for YOU to earn BUCKS!

 7. This will automatically follow up YOUR customers for one year after their first visit, using email messages encoded with YOUR affiliate IDs.

8. And once again Reunion will pay YOU a commision for referring this lead PLUS 25% of all resulting sales.

And YOU still have the GDI & GVO that according to Tissa's marketing plan will also give YOU an extra income, but since i'am still a newbie, i still learning on how this GDI & GVO will earn for me.

But don't worry if YOU have a question about this, there's an APS-Forum with a bunch of expert people that will help you solve the problem.

So, do you wanna start YOUR own  PEOPLE SEARCH ENGINE now?
Please JOIN with me...and let's earn bucks together :)


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