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Genius Funds Making Some Improvements


Still remember about HYIP that i recommended in my article last month? Or if you don't know about HYIP read What is HYIP first.
Few days ago i got an e-mail from Genius Funds (one of HYIP i followed) informed me that they've made some improvement in Genius Funds this is some of the improvement they've made:

French Language Web Site
Due to our continuing success in French-speaking countries, we have opted to have our web site translated into the French language.  Now all native French-speakers have a fully localized web site for their convenience.
So Frenchmen, now you can access Genius Funds in your very own language...
Spanish Language Web Site
After numerous requests by our investors, we have decided to introduce a Spanish version of our web site.  Work on localization is currently under way and is planned to be completed on the 15th of May, 2009.  We also plan to introduce Spanish-speaking customer support representatives.
And also for the Spain, i'm happy for you don't have to translate the English anymore :)

For Indonesian, don't worry...this site is available in our language already, just choose which language you want to use when exploring Genius Funds.

And this is another upgrade:

For convenience of those investors who would like to make their deposit using a credit card, AlertPay, a processor that we have been accepting for more than two months, has finally allowed our investors to make deposits into their accounts at Genius using Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards.

Reinvestment Power
Did you know that Genius offers automatic reinvestment (compounding) of your dividends? Just set reinvestment rate for your Genius account and each payout will be automatically used to purchase additional shares. By utilizing this powerful feature your total income will significantly increase over time in comparison to daily or weekly withdrawals. Our online calculator can be used to calculate the potential gain. Please note that you may change your reinvestment rate back at any time, including setting it back to 0%

Hmmh...i don't know if this is still new, because it's already been there when i had joined in Genius Funds.

Denial of Service Attack Protection
While we have already been employing sophisticated methods of fighting these type of attacks, one large-scale attack had managed to restrict access to our web site for several hours during the weekend.  To counter any future attacks of this scale we have upgraded fire wall equipment in our server room.  We have also instructed our ISP to install new equipment which could mitigate attacks of this scale in the future.

This one is the most important improvement i guess, and it showed us that this HYIP is serious on taking this business. If they're willing to pay for this expensive protection sytem, isn't it a good sign for us that they will continue sharing their profit with members for i don't know how many years ahead?

I invest some of my money here, will you???
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