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Christmas Gift From NeoBux Admin...

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Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Actually,i don't...but in Neobux i know some one who will share the gifts in this Christmas event :)
He is the Admin of Neobux, yesterday he wrote something in Neobux Forum about gifts that he is going to share with the members of Neo...
This is what he wrote:

Our second Christmas
And it feels great to celebrate it amongst friends.

This year, we have the following Christmas gift: Earn referrals for your purchases.

How it will work:
Starting from December 17th 00:00 until December 31st 23:59 (server's time), every member that makes any purchase will be included in a draw.
The draw will be made on the following day at 15:00 (server's time).

Actually, there will be two kind of prizes and all mean referrals.

The first prize will be only to one winner per day and it will be the amazing amount of 1 referral for each $1 of purchases. Imagine you make a $5 purchase and get selected, you'll get 5 referrals paid for a full month. You make a $500 purchase and get selected, you'll get 500 referrals and so on.

The second prize will be a total of 400 referrals that will be distributed for as many users as possible with the rule of 1 referral for each $10 of purchases.
This means that if you make a $100 purchase you can win 10 referrals paid for one month. Everything is rounded up. This means that even a $5 purchase means 1 referral and a $555 purchase means 56 referrals.
There will be as many winners until the 400 daily referrals are offered. This can be a minimum of 400 users with a prize and a theoretical maximum of 5 users.
Each time a user is draw and the referrals credited, it repeats the draw of another user until there are no more referrals left.

- Only purchases using AlertPay, PayPal and NETELLER are valid and when using the payment buttons available.
- The draw is made according to users and then the sum of monetary amount of that day's purchases is calculated to determine the amount of referrals. This means that it doesn't matter if you make one or fifty purchases per day.
- The draw is made using last day's purchases.
- Winners are automatically credited at 15:00 (server's time).
- Winners will see the offer in their history log.
- First draw will be made on December 18th regarding December 17th purchases.
- Last draw will be made on January 1st regarding December 31st purchases.
- No winners will be announced.
- Winners don't have to post their prize at the forums but it will be obviously appreciated.
- A user can only win one prize per day but it can enter the draw everyday which means that theoretically (and with some voodoo luck) could win everyday.

This is it. 15 days of prizes until the end of the year.
Wish you all the best of luck.

On a side note, I would like to thank users for something that is making me very happy this year: Activity around this season period.
Last year was low at this time but this year it hasn't dropped a single day.
Let's keep it going so that everyone can earn and enjoy. Ok, I'll let you stop clicking just to open the presents on Christmas eve but you need to get back here as soon as you open them
Once again, thank you all for such a commitment! I really do appreciate it and I think your fellow users do also.

Will there be more gifts this year? If you behave like you're doing now there probably will...
Keep active and I'll think about it

So in other way it means that  this is the right time to do the purchase in Neobux...you'll probably get the free referrals also...
Not a member yet? Grab a chance, join for free, do your purchase and with some good luck get the free referrals.

Sign Up for free HERE or click this banner below...

Merry Christmas and Happy Clicking!


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