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What Should You Do,If Your Blog is Labeled as Spammed Blog?

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Five days ago I was so surprised because I saw a message like this appeared when I'm trying to access my blog..

"The blog you were looking for was not found."

You can't imagine how panic i was at that time, then I checked on my blogger dashboard and found a button with "Restore Access to This Blog" words on it. I click that button and what makes it worst is, i read that Blogger.com has labeled my blog as a spammed blog. I don't know why, but Blogger said that it might a false alarm.

So I'm looking for help in Blogger Help Forum and after I do all the step given by someone in there, today my blog is restored by Blogger.com.

This is the steps:
Step #1 : Read about the problem. Read additional articles, which tell you where the problem starts, as time permits. You can read Nitecruzr article about this problem here.

Step #2 : Submit a review request. If you facing the same problem with mine, log in to your Blogger dashboard. You will find a "Restore access to this blog" button, click on it.

Step #3 : Submit an entry to the Appeal Spreadsheet here. Just enter the URL of your blog and submit it.

Step #4 : Post a report in BHF (Blogger Help Forum), choose this category for your post --> "Something Is Broken". Provide the BlogSpot URL of the blog(s).  Be brief, and be polite. Brevity and politeness count in BHF. To post a report click here.

After you do all the steps, now all you can do is wait and pray, it took 2 days for my blog. Hope it works faster for you.

You can read additional information related to this here:
Blogger Content Policy
Google Privacy Policy
Google Terms Of Service (TOS)

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